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November 8, 2010

Crashteams assists in new TV Series

Crashteams Inc. and Forensic Dynamics Inc. have collaborated on supplying technical assistance to a new Story House Production serries called Survival 360. Survival 360 takes a 360 degree look at the science of surviving an extreme disaster. With this novel approach, the series will retell amazing stories of survival using original footage and will uncover the hard and fast science behind some of the most amazing survival stories of our time. At the center of each one-hour episode is a harrowing and personal story of survival-against-all-odds.

Filming of the first episode began in Dayton OH last week. Crashteams Inc. CEO, Tim Leggett, was the Lead Investigator, and Forensic Dynamics Inc. Animator, Ryan Leggett, supplied animation services. Crashteams SOUTHERN OHIO supplied on-scene investigation equipment and support personnel.

This new investigation by Investigator Leggett results in a startling new finding of this 8-year old case involving a pedestrian’s escape from death. This episode will air in the Spring of 2011. Stay tuned!


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September 9, 2010

Charan Mellor joins Crashteams CALIFORNIA

Crashteams is pleased to announce that Charan Mellor has joined Crashteams CALIFORNIA and will be servicing the Greater Los Angeles area. We wish Charan well in his new position with Crashteams.


August 11, 2010

Crashteams Winter Road Maintenance Expertise Excels Again

Tim Leggett, Crashteams CEO, and Dennis O’Brien, Crashteams NEW MEXICO, collaborated to bring forward Crashteams’ winter road maintenance expertise to assist in settling two recent New Mexico lawsuits. The two cases settled for $1.4 million and Crashteams expertise was utilized on both cases. More Info


August 10, 2010

Crashteams opens State of Minnesta

Crashteams GLOBAL is pleased to announce that Tim Robbins is expanding his Crashteams GREAT LAKES operation to include the State of Minnesota. We look forward to supporting Tim on this latest acquisition and his continued growth of his flagship Crashteams operation.


July 21, 2010

Crashteams opens METRO NYC/NJ location

Crashteams Inc. is pleased to announce that Greg Witte of Crashteams LOWER HUDSON VALLEY NY is now bringing Crashteams services to the Metropolitan areas of New York City and New Jersey under the banner of Crashteams METRO NYC/NJ. We welcome this new partnership to the Crashteams family.


Apr 28, 2010

Crashteams welcomes MISSISSIPPI

Mr. Walton is an accomplished and qualified expert in the field of accident reconstruction.

With several hundred collision investigations under his belt over the last ten years, Mr. Walton is also certified in Forensic Mapping and CDR downloads.

We look forward to working with Mr. Walton in the future.


Mar 15, 2010

3rd Annual Crashteams Conference

Crashteams just finished its 3rd Annual Conference which was held at the Monte Carlo Resort Hotel in Las Vegas. Twenty four Crashteams Partners and Associates had the opportunity to meet Tim Leggett, the new Crashteams CEO, who reaffirmed the direction of Crashteams future.

The two day meeting featured guest speakers that included Mr. Frank Fox from the Harmonie Group, Tony Grissom from Leica and Mike Kennedy from ARAS360. The conference was a great success and everyone departed Las Vegas with renewed energy to build their Crashteams businesses.


Feb 26, 2010

Kevin Homan joins Crashteams

Kevin Homan Photo

Kevin Homan
Accident Reconstruction Expert

phone (920) 210-9215

Crashteams GREAT LAKES welcomes Kevin Homan to their team. Mr. Homan';s crash related training and experience includes accident investigation, at-scene investigation, scene measurements, roadway evidence examination, advanced traffic investigation, total station and data collection.

Mr. Homan is also experienced in accident related software applications, railroad grade crossing collision investigation, biomechanics and motorcycle crash investigations.

We look forward to working with Mr. Homan on his continued success.

Visit the Crashteams Great Lakes website


Feb 5, 2010

Tim Leggett becomes the new CEO of Crashteams

Tim Leggett Photo

Tim Leggett
P.Eng, PE
Senior Forensic Engineer

phone(877) 731-6742

pdfTim Leggett's CV.pdf

Crashteams Inc. is pleased to announce that Timothy Leggett, P. Eng, P.E., has taken over the position of CEO/President. Mr. Leggett has been in the reconstruction business for over 25 years and is also the President and majority owner of Forensic Dynamics Inc., one of Canada’s most successful forensic reconstruction companies. Tim has the greatest respect for Mike Kennedy from his involvement with Mike’s previous business ventures. Tim was actually involved in the initial formation and launch of Crashteams in 2008. In 2009, Tim decided to join Crashteams by purchasing the license for Crashteams ARIZONA. He immediately saw the effectiveness of the business development approach used by Crashteams and decided to become more committed to Crashteams Inc. by becoming the majority owner.

Tim believes that it is a great honor and privilege to lead Crashteams. He will be supported by a management team including Mike Kennedy, former CEO of Crashteams, Inc., who will remain as a Consultant to the company and Lyle Storey, Director of Business Development, and his staff of Business Development Managers who will continue to grow the company and support the Crashteams members.

Crashteams Inc., based in Kamloops BC, Canada, is the largest network of crash reconstructionists in the world.


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