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Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, the recent increase in numbers of riders across North America has generated a rapid increase in motorcycle related crashes.
In 2006, 4,810 motorcyclists were killed and over 88,000 injured during that period with numbers steadily rising.

Specialized Motorcycle Reconstruction

Motorcycle crashed into carAs a result, more and more motorcycle crashes are being scientifically reconstructed.

Therefore, more research is being done into the science of motorcycle crash reconstruction.

Crashteams reconstruction experts have received specific training to allow them to understand the unique dynamics of motorcycle motion and crashes. Motorcycle crashes often involve many unique issues that can only be resolved by a thorough and situationally appropriate evaluation of the physical evidence.

Important factors to consider

Motorcycle SpeedingOur experts can analyze the intricate details and generate a clear understanding of speeds, impact magnitude, visibility and the other issues made more complex by motorcycle involvement.

Many Crashteam experts are not only specfically trained in this area, but experienced riders themselves, adding a dimension of understanding of motorcycle motion. This helps them to find important information faster at the accident scene.

Measuring a Motorcycle accident scene

Modern high performance motorcycles are capable of speeds easily exceeding 150mph. At this speed, the motorcycle travels 220 feet every second, greatly reducing reaction time and increasing the size of the scene that needs to be measured. Crashteams reconstructionists use high tech laser total stations that can measure even large scenes quickly and efficiently so you know the roads can be opened faster.

What can Crashteams do for you in relation to motorcycle involved cases?

Crashteams has very highly specialized experts for this type of case. Most Crashteams partners have the ability to reconstruct common types of motorcycle involved collisions. Crashteams also have motorcycle specialists who will assist our regional representative when the case, if highly complex, warrants advanced knowledge and experience. No matter what type of case, our experts can assist you by generating an accurate report of the incident.

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Our Services

Crash Reconstruction

Our Crashteams reconstructionists are the most highly trained and qualified individuals in the industry.

Scene Surveys

All Crashteams experts utilize survey equipment to produce precision crash scene diagrams and 3D models.

Expert Witnesses Testimony

All Crashteams reconstructionists are qualified expert witnesses and have given testimony at all court levels and jurisdictions.

Witness Interviews

Your Crashteams experts can interview witnesses and secure detailed statements as recorded interviews in audio and video formats.

3D Animations

Crashteams experts are all trained and certified as forensic animators. You will find it advantageous that your reconstructionist and animator are the same person.

Crash Simulation

Crashteams experts are qualified to use many different software applications to simulate the crash for the purposes of answering what-if scenarios and exposing errors in the hypotheses advanced by opposing experts.

Rebuttal Reports

You may send us reports from opposing experts and we will be able to tell you immediately if a rebuttal is useful and if so, we produce professional, objective, commentaries.

Managed Services

Crashteams have the expertise coverage and manpower to take on all the crash investigation requirements of a community as a public private partnership.