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Forensic Mapping

Crashteams units specialize in on-site forensic mapping. Our reconstruction experts have the expertise and equipment to measure a scene in a fraction of the time, so you can clear the roads faster.

Crashteams partners can assist you in measuring a scene immediately after the crash – while the evidence is fresh in terms of witness recollections, roadway evidence and damaged vehicles.

It is important to preserve the immediate evidence before it erodes and disappears.

Total Station measuring accident scene

Here is what we can do for you right away:

Crash Road Sign IconPreserve the scene

All Crashteams partners are equipped with state-of-the-art surveying equipment which allows them to map the scene with a total station and create a precise (to the mm) 3D model of the scene.

Crashteams partners download directly from their total stations to the latest forensic mapping software which auto generates the scene model. These models can be delivered to you immediately as a viewable image or movie file/ see example.

Crash Evidence IconPreserve the vehicle evidence

By taking precision measurements of the damaged vehicles which also become usable 3D models for the analysis in the future. These models can also tell us the velocity changes, magnitude of the impacts and other important information for the total understanding of the crash.

All Crashteams partners are trained in crush measuring techniques and digital photography. The real car may be destroyed or repaired, but its information and 3d replica will survive forever in a secure Crashteams electronic format.


Crash Reconstruction ReportResults

Crashteams reconstructionists can provide the scene data in any format required and even as a complete diagram.

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Our Services

Crash Reconstruction

Our Crashteams reconstructionists are the most highly trained and qualified individuals in the industry.

Scene Surveys

All Crashteams experts utilize survey equipment to produce precision crash scene diagrams and 3D models.

Expert Witnesses Testimony

All Crashteams reconstructionists are qualified expert witnesses and have given testimony at all court levels and jurisdictions.

Witness Interviews

Your Crashteams experts can interview witnesses and secure detailed statements as recorded interviews in audio and video formats.

3D Animations

Crashteams experts are all trained and certified as forensic animators. You will find it advantageous that your reconstructionist and animator are the same person.

Crash Simulation

Crashteams experts are qualified to use many different software applications to simulate the crash for the purposes of answering what-if scenarios and exposing errors in the hypotheses advanced by oppsing experts.

Rebuttal Reports

You may send us reports from opposing experts and we will be able to tell you immediately if a rebuttal is useful and if so, we produce professional, objective, commentaries.

Managed Services

Crashteams have the expertise coverage and manpower to take on all the crash investigation requirements of a community as a public private partnership.